High-Impact Emails & Effective SMS For Marketing

The fortune is in the follow up. Use persuasive emails and efficient SMS texts to grow your business. Automate the messages for the perfect set-it and forget-it process.

convert leads and build relationships with we build trades

For successful businesses around the world, email is the go-to channel for customer communication.

Emails are not only perfect for keeping in touch, they also provide the ideal opportunity to convert leads into sales.

Emails give you the chance to start conversations with new prospects and re-engage with previous customers. 

At We Build Trades, we know how to speak to customers to create strong relationships and nurture leads.

And we also set up the software for automation – emails that send themselves at just the right moment.

That’s one less thing to worry about!

Never Forget To Follow Up

Following up with clients and leads is one of the most important actions a business owner can take.

It’s an essential step that will bring you incredible results.

Speedily following up with a prospective customer might give you an advantage over your less diligent competition.

Don’t lose new business – always follow up fast.

Following up shows that you care about the next step.

It shows that you are interested in the job and are keen to get started.

This, in turn, helps the customer trust you more. It may also encourage them to choose your company again in the future.

Opportunities With SMS

Emails are only one part of the customer engagement process.

You can also contact customers with a powerful message by SMS.

Send timely texts to customers, and combine them with email for a seamless communication package.

Email Automation For
Home Service Businesses

We help trade businesses, like heating engineers and air conditioning installers, make good use of email automation.

Automation helps you follow up with customers without painstakingly writing every individual email.

If you are looking for an email service that represents you, we can create what you need.

The benefits of email marketing automation include:

Maintain effortless contact with existing customers

Create an automatic response to new leads

Keep your name fresh in their mind

Maintain contact so you can offer new services as you add them to your business

Upsell and
cross sell

Ask for reviews
and referrals

We help you grow your business and meet your sales goals by customising your automated emails.

There are a variety of messages you can send, and every one has the potential to raise your company’s brand and increase your bottom line.

Email Campaigns That Raise The Game For Trades

Emails designed specifically for home service businesses ensure we meet your customer’s needs.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your email campaigns; we use proven tactics.

Our research and experience with your trade ensures we understand the questions, interests and concerns of your customers.

Every email strategy is focused on specific goals whether it is brand awareness, education about your service or lead nurturing.

Your emails can be sent in a specific sequence to increase urgency or they can layer information.

 But the best bit is that, once set up, you don’t have to send the messages one by one. Automation takes care of everything for you.

Emails usually come under the following campaigns:

We Build Trades sets up a wide range of email and SMS messages for trades and services.

We take care of it so you can concentrate on the daily aspects of running a successful business. 

The Next Step – Call Tracking and Analytics

Understand what inspires your customers to contact you and at what part in the customer journey they disappear.

There’s a lot you can learn from call tracking and analytics, the results can help you tweak processes to grow your business.

Find out more about our call tracking system.