Custom Lead Management Platforms For Easy Control

View, contact and schedule potential customers with ease with a lead management system. Our all-in-one platforms are designed specifically for busy trade businesses.


Turn more leads into customers by using a bespoke lead management system created for successful home service businesses.

The right lead management is a game changer.

Never forget to follow up a lead again with everything in one easy-to-access place.

At We Build Trades, we provide the best lead management platform for trade businesses.

We design each system to keep track of every call, contact form, chat, text, and message to make everything easier to manage. 

With everything automatically organised, you can view your leads and turn them into customers quicker.

Details, dates, questions and quotes all held together in an online space that you can access from anywhere  – that’s a turning point for many business owners.

Get Organised

We help you organise and connect with your leads in a way that encourages more customers.

With a robust management system in place, you will be more efficient and professional, helping you rise above the competition.

You won’t miss leads, forget to follow up or lose conversations – a great system is worth its weight in gold! 

Better Lead Management For Better Customers

Building strong customer relationships and earning return business requires a long-term investment.

That means you must understand what your potential customers are looking for, so you can deliver the right information in the moments that matter.

Lead management can help you achieve this.We Build Trades helps you to personalise your lead management, from the timing of follow up messages, to the way things are worded.

Have the right conversation at the opportune moment to get the best results.

Organised Leads = New Customers

You put a lot of work into bringing in new leads, but it’s easy to let them slip through the cracks.

With our lead management technology, we help you eliminate all the busy administrative tasks that take time away from following up.

We also help you weed through spam and bots so you focus only on the leads that will help your business grow.

Speedy Call Backs

If you want to get in touch with customers who request a call back via a website button, you should try to connect with them within 60 minutes of that submission. Speed must be a part of your lead management goals and will add credibility and trust to incoming and existing customers. To make a success of speedy call backs, you need a system that can alert you so you can respond. We can build this into your bespoke lead management system.

Lead Management Dashboards

Having a clear dashboard to see where everything links to your marketing efforts will help you make sure you are spending your money wisely. Our dashboards are easy to use and understand, we design them specifically to make life simple. Ask us for a demonstration to prove how lead management is right for your trade.

The Next Step – Photography & Video

Get your message across in an instant with the right imagery. Photos and videos used across all your marketing media should be carefully curated – ask us about using images, animation and video for your business.