Manage Your Reputation Effectively With Quality Online Reviews

Reputation is everything. Today, reviews have the power to make or break an organisation. Getting more quality reviews is key to growing your business.

harnessing the power
of online reviews

Your reputation goes hand in hand with your online reviews and star ratings.

In today’s digital age, these reviews will mean the difference between getting work and losing jobs.

Reviews reflect how people see your company, and measure its trustworthiness.

A single bad review can wipe out pages of great feedback, so reputation management is essential.

How do you gain better reviews and use them to your advantage?

At We Build Trades, we include a reputation management service and keep everything in one place so it’s easy to control.

Getting More Quality Reviews

It’s crucial to manage your online reputation and keep a close eye on reviews to maximise your growth.

By setting your business up correctly on Google Maps and adding compelling imagery, you have a simple-to-use space for reviews that you can use to your advantage.

Engage with customers by thanking them for their reviews or promptly answering any questions.

You can manage your reputation swiftly and showcase your excellent company values with a brief but timely response.

With a stream of great reviews and star-ratings steadily building, the next step is to show them on your website as testimonials.

Many of our satisfied customers have benefited by having quality reviews directly linked to their sites, and we can do the same for you. 

What People Say
About You Matters

Customer feedback does more than reflect on your relationship with a single client.

It demonstrates your industry knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness.

Your online reputation has a long-reaching impact.

To stay ahead, it’s crucial that you know what’s going on across the major review sites.

But as a busy business owner, it’s not always easy to keep on top of it all.

That’s why linking your reviews to one place helps your reputation management.

Asking For Great Reviews

As a business, how do you collate feedback and gain star rating? That’s simple, you ask for reviews by email or SMS after their project is complete.

Our all-in-one website can be automated to send a message to your recent customers with a request for a review. Most happy clients will gladly leave feedback for a job well done!

5-Star Google Rating

Potential customers are more likely to choose a business with a high rating over one with a lower rating.

Google shows the star rating just below the business name, so there’s no missing it.

Encouraging your customers to leave feedback will pay dividends! 

Star ratings help your business show higher up on Google rankings.

The higher you are, the more likely customers will go to you first. Online reviews play a huge part in your reputation  – it’s an important marketing tool that should not be overlooked.

Trade Businesses Need Great Reviews.

If you are a local service business, your reputation is directly linked to your online reviews.

Capturing great customer feedback and showcasing them as part of your marketing materials is essential.

At We Build Trades, we do this as part of our strategy to scale and grow your business.

The Next Step –
Recruitment Pages

When you grow your business, you’ll need to expand your team.

A professional and efficient hiring process will help you hire the people you need.

Control your recruitment page, choose what you say about vacancies and capture the information you require by adding a recruitment section to your website.

learn more about what they can do for you.