Streamline Your Hiring Process With A Job Recruitment Page

Hire qualified employees via your website with our recruiting management services. Showcase what your company offers and control the hiring process from start to finish.

Attracting Exceptional Candidates for Your Home Service Business

An effective recruitment page entices candidates to apply to your open vacancies.

As a home service business, we know you depend heavily on the skills of your workforce.

At We Build Trades, we can help with your recruitment process and make it easier for you to hire team members that are up to the job.

A Careers Page You Control

Hire the wrong person and your reputation can be ruined in one job. But filling vacancies with the right workers can be tricky when you are busy running a business.

That’s why it makes sense to have a job recruitment page on your website.

We design recruitment pages for home service businesses. They include a back-end system that collects the information you need from candidates.

You control the process including what information you provide, who gets through the initial stages and when to close applications.

A dedicated hiring page gives you all the space you need to advertise vacancies, describe the roles and accept applications.

Your company gains a professional application process that helps with the organisation and management of your future employees.

Efficient Recruitment

Your own recruitment page speeds up the hiring process. You can employ new people quickly and stop waiting around for agencies to get back to you.

Taking control of your job vacancies means you can react swiftly when you take on more work, or when a pivotal role becomes vacant.

The benefits of having a recruitment page on your website mean:


You can slash the costs of the hiring process.


Control the application criteria.


Open and close applications to suit your hiring agenda.


Appeal to a broader source of workers who can apply 24/7.


Keep the information of potential candidates handy (according to GDPR rules).


Boost your image and reputation as a professional company.


Keep the morale of your team high by quickly hiring extra help when it’s needed.

Create The Hiring
You Need

The We Build Trades team can build you a custom website with a highly effective recruitment and careers page. There’s a lot to consider – but we have the experience to build what you need as a local home services business.

The best careers pages are dynamic and include photos, videos and employee testimonials. They also have a clear call to action, prompting candidates to view and apply for current open roles.

Your recruitment page
should clearly describe:

Your job

Your work


Your company

What you offer
your employees

Who you are
looking for

A clear application

Trust us to provide effective and useful job recruitment pages designed specifically for trade businesses. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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